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  • FEZ Central Phoenix, Phoenix


    GINOROCCIO reviewed FEZ Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I have lived in Phoenix for 4 years now and have been to Fez a half dozen times by now. Each and everytime I have been the waiters just dont have it together! I am often left waiting by the door to be seated not even greeted. Then upon seating, One is made to wait for an eternity to get water. Pretty sad as we live in a desert and water is so critical. On placement of your order you can practically age waiting for it. Then forget about essentials as ketchup or say extra salad dressings etc! Basically once your selections arrive youre on your own. That check comes after a decade and you practically have to beg to pay and get outta there! Foods decent,atmosphere great but BAD SERVICE. GINO