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  • Kobalt Central Phoenix, Phoenix


  • Funinaz
    Funinaz reviewed Kobalt Over a year ago
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    Nice Atmosphere BAD Drinks
    Went to Kobalt last night for the first time with about 8 freinds. We all really liked the atmosphere piano, candles, nice lighting. After getting a table, we went up to the bar to order drinks and were told by the bartender that the waiter would come by for our order. So, after waiting for about 10 minutes, a waiter did appear. We placed our order and when the drinks finally arrived with the waiter coming back three times. The Martinis were all awful. Now I've had great Martinis and bad Martinis, but girlfriend, these were awful. I think you could have used them to take your nail polish off. The five of us that had ordered Martinis didn't say anything to each other at first, until I finally said " Ok my drink sucks" then everyone else agreed. When it cam time for a second round we switched to beer...safer choice :) This bar could be a great place to hang out, but they really need to work on the service and get some help that can mix a decent drink!