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  • Club Pittsburgh Baths Downtown, Pittsburgh
  • River Street Club Troy


  • FunInTheSun13
    FunInTheSun13 reviewed Rumors Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great place on the drive. Excellent food, good drinks. They have awesome events throughout the year. Love the annual belly contest in March.

  • FunInTheSun13
    FunInTheSun13 reviewed River Street Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    First Time There
    First, I have visited several around the country and Eurooe, River Street is one of the better ones in terms of cleanliness, facilities and friendliness. This is the only one I have been to that closed at 11 each night. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The patrons were very nice also, mixed ages and sizes, all willing participants. I was there starting around lunchtime on a Friday but there a good number for the time. The facility is well maintained, including a jacuzzi, steamroom, dry sauna, shower room (all on first floor), video lounges, video room, glory hole room, dark room, sling room and gym on second floor. Most people get a room on the second floor for convenience but being on the first floor was good for me. I would definitely go back, other patrons said Saturday is the better day/night to attend. Have fun.

  • FunInTheSun13
    FunInTheSun13 reviewed Club Pittsburgh Baths Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Went to PA for graduation and checked out the club on Sunday May18, 2014 with my spouse, around 3pm arrival. Parking lot next to the building is private so parking is in the garage across the street. Its actually very close and being in a public lot instead of one designated for the local bathhouse has the added security of not being targeted by biggots due to our patronage of such a place. We asked for a double room and were informed its not a hotel, we each have to pay for a membership and some sort of room or locker. I kinda giggled cause we knew that. I just happened to be in line first so I asked for the room, my hubby was getting a locker, we weren't trying to get away with anything. No biggie. We went and sat in the TV room, a set of risers in theatre style where you can watch the educational stations and other people as they come thru. Attached to that is the glory hole room which is pretty cool since it is set up so one party is standing above the other. It was quite fun in there. We chatted with people (not a busy day but sunday mid-afternoon probably wouldn't be anywhere), played in the glory holes, checked out the Jacuzzi (good and hot), showered. The steamroom was out of order but the dry sauna worked, pretty good facility. There is an outdoor deck on top, nice to have, didn't hang out there due to the cool temps, but I liked it. There is a spot right at the door of the deck I think they should repair, very soft like one could fall through. Overall the facility is very clean and upkeep is ok. I agree with others that very little effort in marketing could bring a larger crowd like a college student night/day discount, or when an event is in town, or even a Saturday or sunday daytime event like chub/chaser day. The gym looked underused. Perhaps remove it and have a lounge area where people can sit and chat, maybe even a little stage for a show is a thought. I wouldn't whine about parking, that garage is just fine and very close. We had a good time and would go back when we visit again.