39M. 29 here. Partner and I and lookin forward to moving to Chicago after a 7 month wait and are lookin for places to live, work, and hang out. We're looking for a fresh start, and new friends. He's been to Chicago b4, I have not so this will be an experience for me and I am looking forward to it.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Little Jim's Tavern Boystown, Chicago
  • Sidetrack Boystown, Chicago
  • Atmosphere (@mosphere) Andersonville, Chicago
  • 1851 Club Arlington



  • FormerlyDallasTexas75160
    FormerlyDallasTexas75160 reviewed Round-Up Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The Best Country Gay Bar this side of the RedRiver
    Definately a unique gay dancehall. Hot cowboys, good crowd, and best of all it's Texas' #1 Gay Country Bar and Dancehall. Drink specials, hot happy hour, and sexy bartenders. Typically a medium crowd in the afternoon for happy hour, and packed @ night. Todays best country music is heard throughout the bar, and the best pool tables on the strip.

  • FormerlyDallasTexas75160
    FormerlyDallasTexas75160 reviewed Alexandre's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    If you're passing through town
    Then Alex's is the place. A small bar, almost like a modern day Cheers. Good people, excellent bartenders and overall just a relaxing enviroment. If you'd like to just kick back with a friend or 2, then it's the place for you.

  • FormerlyDallasTexas75160
    FormerlyDallasTexas75160 reviewed JR's Bar and Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice sports bar atmo
    If you'd just like to meet up with friends for Happy Hour, this is the place. Good drinks, good bartenders, and relaxed environment. Usually a decent crowd after 5pm and the drink prices are resonable.

  • FormerlyDallasTexas75160
    FormerlyDallasTexas75160 reviewed Station 4 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I must admit....
    I remember when S4 was the old Village Station. I went during the remodel from Village Station to S4. Openin night was crazy.. lol. It's a good place to hang out, drink with friends and dance the night away. It's usually a big crowd on Saturdays and the music is up to date. Just a friendly atmosphere.

  • FormerlyDallasTexas75160
    FormerlyDallasTexas75160 reviewed Piranha Boutique Nightclub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Absolutely the Spot to be.
    When I lived in Vegas, this Club was the place to go. I met lots of awesome guys, they have hot bartenders, and a freakin amazing Dj... DJ K. The best part of Piranha Nightclub are the fishtanks seperating the 2 clubs that have live Piranhas. 5 months of these clubs was the best 5 months I lived in Vegas. IF you're a local you can get a TXT message from the Clubs, allowing you free cover and free draft or mixed cocktails with the txt. I got drunk a lot for free. A best memory for me was when they had the Grammys in Las Vegas, and I got to see Janet Jackson up on the balcony from the dancefloor below. Above all, it's a great place to meet people, good music and hot bartenders!!! And best of all, it's right on the Fruit Loop, and within great walking distance from the other bars in the loop.