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  • Pecs Bar North Park, San Diego


  • Findingmyway
    Findingmyway reviewed Pecs Bar Over a year ago
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    In the past year, I've tried Pecs 3 times on different days of the week. Always the same results which isn't very amusing. The good part of this place is the outdoor patio area. The rest leaves a lot to be desired. Bartenders make a bar hospitable. The ones here don't just have an attitude, they're rude. This seems to be the general consensus from my friends also. When you ask people what Pecs is like, the basic response is almost always the same, "It's OK but not very friendly." Exactly. There are a lot of other bars around and fortunately I have a choice. The management should really give these bartenders a few pointers on how to treat customers. They wouldn't last an hour working retail.