Felisa Snodgrass, 36F. Well I'll be new to Charleston WV in October so soon it's a big move from Memphis Tn so I know I'll need to get a chance to be on my pimp game so joking lol,well u can see in very good about making the moods better around,hate liars,scared of not find a soulmate,love tattoos as well bought to start my own shop and then when I'm ready for my art to be on someone I'll do it in still training and then I have my taste of the this thing called a chance to be someone and music is my last chance at peace with the vision you have hurt,mad,scared and ready to just get pumped if u close ur eyes and then I have ur time to escape and I play music lol ok I'm going to let anyone ask me questions and then I have to say be intellectual with talking just talk and keep a conversation with me I'm listening so please let me know what you all wanna get a chance to know more....Felisa Snodgrass

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