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  • Esthergin
    Esthergin reviewed Club 117 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Rio classic!
    Always the best time! Been going for years and I love when I take people there on a tour and see how blown away they are by the selection of guys! It's also the safest option to get laid in a city that you can find trouble in a bar. Pick a guy out, arrange and agree on price, (keeping in mine you get what you pay for) and have the time of your life! THEN, finish up and head downstairs for a wacky drag show, BINGO, or strippers! The "video room" where the boys fluff to pussy porn is amazing!

  • Esthergin
    Esthergin reviewed To Nem Ai Over a year ago
    Hates it

    This is NOT Rio...
    I alway walk by this place hearing the queens speaking ENGLISH and wonder what is so special about it. This is the same sort of place found anyplace in the USA. Why come all the way to Rio to stand around drinking WAY over priced drinks, (compared to other places in Rio) and sponsor a straight owned bar, (the owner is a straight guy from ITALY)! There are so many amazing real carioca places in this city where you can meet cool LOCAL gay people and this plkace just is NOT Rio! The locals even go across the street to Bar popeye to buy their beers and bring them back to To nem Ai, (they know better than to pay those high prices)! Get out and explore Rio and don't hide is the "safe" place where locals are looking to meet rich tourists. It's a classic gay tourist trap. yes, the food is good, but in a city this big, there is better and cheaper food made by LOCAL owners! To Nem Ai...I just don't get it. Lame and boring. The Hard Rock Cafe of gay Rio...