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  • Dvelvet
    Dvelvet reviewed SX Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Walked in and Walked out
    This place was creepy as hell ..... and the dancers all looked so young, like they barely have pubs, made me feel like pedaphile. The music sucked as well.... super lame!

  • Dvelvet
    Dvelvet reviewed Circo's Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Over Hyped
    Everyone keep telling me that this was the place to go to have a great time (friends and the hotel staff), however i was every let down. It has 4 floors, but there all about the size of a Mahattan Apts living. The drinks were great and cheap, the bartender was sweet as well. The crowed was very young and the music was very lame (i'm an 80's baby). Also everyone arrives after 12:30pm, i arrived at 11pm and was 1 of 5 that were there. If this was the best that PR has to offer, I say just stay in my hotel room and throw your own party with the jams you enjoy.