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  • Durnik
    Durnik reviewed Remington's Over a year ago
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    Sadly a Shadow of its former self
    As a regular visitor to Toronto, I often made it a point to drop into Remmington's during my stay, as it not only had some of the hotest and most down to earth dancers, but also offered a friendly laid back atmosphere to unwind in. Sadly those days seem to be gone. I visited this past Sunday night and was happy to see their much talked about renovations had been completed and the club looked fresh and new. Unfortunately they appear to have thrown out the charm with the old chairs. There were a total of 12 people in the bar, 6 of them a group of drunk college aged girls. There appeared to only be 3 dancers working who looked like they had been recruited from the local NA meeting, and appeared to have no interest in entertaining the few men that were in the bar. The bartender was rude, the doorman barely cracked a smile, and the waiter only took drink orders from the one person in the bar he apparently new. All in all a total disappointment. I always found the boys at Remmington's were such a nice change from those in Montreal, but sadly those days are gone.