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  • DudeZero
    DudeZero reviewed Vine Symmetry Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Vine Symmetry Wednesdays
    One of Hartford's hidden gyms. It's a gay hipster/geeky vibe. One of the few bars left that brings in a mixed crowd. I guess what's primarily different is that each week there is something new. When you walk in everything glows with green and blue lights. To the left is a stage for your typical drag show, but I like how they sometimes bring in gay n lesbian music artists and bands. I've gone and there's been dance crews, gay rappers, drag kings, and a variety of things. There's a main dance floor for your Top 40, house music, and latin/reggae. Then to your right there is a second room with a pool table and a strip pole for exotic dancers where they play all vogue & ballroom music. Pictures of Donna Summers, Madonna, and other gay icons posted on the walls. Cover is always $5 all night with $3 Vodka drinks before 10:30pm. Not bad for a Wednesday.

  • DudeZero
    DudeZero reviewed Polo Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Thursdays are the best
    I've been living in Hartford for 2 years now but I just started going around Feb of 2013. I'm pretty late to the scene but so far their Top 40 thursdays is the best night. Friday is Latin music. I enjoy latin music but I cannot take a whole night of it. Plus the DJ on Friday plays the same songs over and over. Saturday is their house music night.. I would certainly recommend the Thursday nights. The music is just sooooooo good. Plus its free on Thursdays and half off on drinks.