Stephen Allen, 57M. Still new to the Gay life style and learning. FINALLY Opend the closet door and "Stepped" out just a little. Meaning I was ONLY OUT to everyone that I'm a Gay Wiccan/Druid man,a Naturest,and an Empath. This all began when I took my first step onto the Gay Wiccan/Druid Path, on 12-21-07. Now that my Divorce is final (as September 2012) I'm Finally Free to start this new journey. I'd been "Domesticated" for over 25yrs, seldom ever had sex, was NEVER Satisfied, and have TOTALLY FORGOTTEN How to have fun and live. Hoping to find a cute white gay man( sorry y'all just my choice) , muscular( not a "gym rat" look) moderately hairy. near me who can show me HOW to live, have fun again and bring me out of my cocoon so the new me can come Alive, and how to actually Enjoy it all. As of 12-25-13 per encouragement from my Gay Brother convinced me to cum outta a Both Closets and openly Admit I'm gay. So, I posted a blog on FB page that morning, That I'm a Proud Gay Wiccan-Druid Man to ALL my other friends and Brothers who didn't know. Including some family members who didn't. My son & dtr already knew and simply embraced me and said if your happy, we're happy for you, but it changed nothing. To this day my X doesn't know. Even if she does now I could care lass. So, from that day fourth I have begun living and learning about being such. Other than that, I'm just a quiet natured guy who also loves singing( it's part of my very soul). So I'm now more than Ready, Willing and Ooo so very Eager to learn and make new Gay Friends. Esp some of my Brother Witches. I'm also a Naturist . So. If you've read all this and are interested, cum get me. :)

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