Donna Kordes, 71. Single after years of a friendship I thought that would last for ever, till the younger man came along. Oh well there is more room at the Inn now. See myspace Donna46218 lets talk. guys or girls.

Indianapolis, Indiana
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  • Downtown Olly's Downtown, Indianapolis
  • Zonie's Closet Broad Ripple, Indianapolis
  • Gregs Indy Mass Ave, Indianapolis
  • Donna46218
    Donna46218 reviewed Downtown Olly's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Love the new bartender.
    From one bar to another. My favorite bartender in the world is now at Olly's. This is a massive change for him, but a plesant one for me. I was shocked and pleased all at the same time. Welcome to your new home. Oh, yeah I forgot, the great Olly Burger geezus what a massive burger. great stuff.

  • Donna46218
    Donna46218 reviewed Varsity Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Spent my birthday there.
    I was just stopping in for a bite to eat before I went out to party on my birthday, well lets just say, that was as far as I got that night. I had a blast, the customers and bar staff and a couple of my friends was all I needed that night. Very well (not) planned night that went so right.Thank you Varsity for a memorable night.

  • Donna46218
    Donna46218 reviewed Gregs Indy Over a year ago
    Loves it

    OK, what a meat market.
    This place is always jumping, the energy is always at it's max from the time you walk in till you fall face down and are dragged out screaming for more. And as always watch for the special events put on by Greg's always worth every penny spent there.

  • Donna46218
    Donna46218 reviewed Zonie's Closet Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A little on the days gone by.
    Went and saw a show there, the girls were talanted and friendly, the drink prices were down to earth, and the security parking lot made me feel safe. Over all I had a good time. Donna Kordes