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  • BJ Roosters Midtown, Atlanta
  • Swinging Richards Midtown, Atlanta
  • FLEX Spas (Flexbaths) Midtown, Atlanta
  • Manifest4U Midtown, Atlanta


  • DonaldGuy1968
    DonaldGuy1968 reviewed Swinging Richards Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Strictly eye candy, don't do a VIP room
    This bar is expensive, plain and simple, and while a few of the strippers are hot, the majority are mediocre. A 30 minute VIP will set you back $275, an hour VIP is $525. Most dancers here are straight and won't do anything sexual I spent $525 for an hour and left really disappointed, the dancer was very lackluster and basically was riding the clock trying to kill time, after 45 minutes he tried to leave even though we had 15 mins left. Needless to say I left And will never be back

  • DonaldGuy1968
    DonaldGuy1968 reviewed BJ Roosters Over a year ago
    Hates it

    A true dive bar
    Rude bartenders, low class dancers, and no parking... What's not to like?

  • DonaldGuy1968
    DonaldGuy1968 reviewed Manifest4U Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Just Terrible
    This is one of the worst sex clubs I have ever been to, and I have been to Chicago, Rome, Berlin, and Fort Lauderdale. The play space consists of cheap wooden booths, and a video viewing area that reminds me of a kids tree house, cheaply made and it looks like its about to fall down. The clientele consists of old fat & ugly trolls, once in the three nights I was there a cute guy walked in, but he left quickly. If this is the best Atlanta has to offer, next time I will stay in the hotel and go on Scruff or Grinder. I visited during Gay Pride also, so this Place should have been rockin'