57M. I consider myself to be a simple guy with simple needs. - I am incredibly shy. (I generally don't go out unless I know a friend is going to be there) - I am not college educated and have no degrees. (I have learned all I know from life and books.) - I am not well traveled. - Don't have time, nor care for, any drama or BS. (Life is pretty hectic and wild as is, why add to it?) - SEX ... I'm really nervous when it comes to that. SOME THINGS I LIKE - Going to theme parks (Gay Days at Disneyland has become an annual event for me and I really want to try and get to Disneyworld someday), Hanging out with friends (gay ... straight ... and undecided), Hanging around the house reading a good book or watching some TV, Thunderstorms, Music of the 70's and 80's, Old school comedies (I don't like the cringe comedy of today)

Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah
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  • DisneylandDan1964
    DisneylandDan1964 reviewed Sun Trapp Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Comfortable place with good people
    I usually only go on Fridays for Darts .. but the staff is always friendly, and the folks there are too. It's not really a "club" so those that expect that kind of atmosphere won't probably be to happy or comfortable here. It's more of a neighborhood bar to hang out with friends have a few drinks, and just relax.