David Maisel, 61. What I think you'll find in me is imagination, passion, intelligence, and a very dry quirky sense of humor. I have long believed that we are, each of us, the sum of our individual experiences and I have spent my life, so far, gathering as many divergent and interesting experiences as I've figured out how to have. I'm looking for a collaboration of equals, not someone I must care for (I have cats for that) nor someone who wants to run my life. At least initially, I am not looking for sex, but for entertainment and companionship. Can it eventually lead to sex? My crystal balls is cracked; I cannot predict the future. I am much more interested in who a person is than in what a person looks like, in what a person does than in what a person says. I am a study in contrasts. I am naturally an introvert who has learned how to be an extrovert so well nobody sees the shell child I was growing up (you should see my IQ and Myers-Briggs results. Well, perhaps not.) I have been an actor but have found I much prefer the life behind the camera. I am a gourmet cook who has been on a diet (for medical reasons) for years. Within the next year I will be back down to my ideal weight as I am losing weight slowly to be able to keep it off. I don't give advice - I ask pointed questions and if you answer them honest (to yourself, not me) you will know what to do without my input. I am supportive of anyone and everyone who TRYS - but if you don't bother trying I won't bother helping. It is difficult in the extreme to provide a sense of who I am using mere words both because you, the reader, have no context to hang those words upon and you have no basis of trusting those words. I hope to show who I am through the interactions we will have on and off this site. Then and only then will you know who I am. And I sincerely look forward to the experience!

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