Darryl Johnson, 62. I am looking for a great guy! You know who you are, and you don't feel the need to prove it to anyone. You may not even know you're a good guy, which often times can be even better. You' not just here for a hook up. You are here for the same reason lots of others are and that is that there aren't many places for gay people to meet. Sad, but true. See, we have something in common and we haven't even met yet I'm looking for RELATIONSHIP/DATING only.....got no time for endless, meaningless hookups. I want to share my life with someone. Oh and I know you have decent pics posted because IF you would not walk up to someone you don't know in public and show them your dick or asshole, WHY in hell would you do it here? Look at that! Something else we have in common I am looking to connect on more than a sexual level. Dinner and a movie? Drinks? Hang out? Not into random hookups. I am better than that....and so are YOU cause you're a GREAT GUY!

Detroit, Michigan
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    DarrylJ reviewed Freddie's Beach Bar
    Over a year ago

    Over the TOP fun!!!!

    If you cannot have a good time at Freddie's, YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!!!! From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are amongst family. All the hate, prejudice, homophobia and all other negativity waltz right out the door. The place is Festively decorated and the bar and wait staff attend to your every need with Big smiles and great memories. I have always liked this bar. It was the first Gay bar I frequented in DC when I first moved here in 05. I recently moved back, and the place has hardly changed at all. The same people still go and there are new additions to the fold as well. You NEVER know what may happen during Karaoke and the Follies are always a treat. I have never eaten anything here that I did not love. SO i will just say the food is AMAZING as well....... If your'e lucky, Freddie will come sit and have a drink with you with his warm smile and charm, he will make you feel right at home. I DARE YOU to go there and NOT have a good time