Jeff Fulkerson, 36M. Hello my name is Jeff. I'm a ginger Cub/Chub. Undetectable as of April 1st 2014. I have been attracted to older men since i was old enough to become horny when i say my step dad getting in and out of the shower through a peep hole in the bath room door when i was 13 years old. I currently live in Dorchester, MA. I'm 29 years old. I am a graduate from them University of Michigan with a BA in Computer Science. I have a very strong desire to get involved in amateur porn. I may be 29 years old but i feel that it is time for me to settle down with the right bear. My turn ons are: Hairy chests, back, bearded, musky arm pits, Cigar smokers, Prince Albert s, Bear Paw Tattoos, Nipple Piercings and Bears who enjoy being called daddy in and out of the bed. I love musky smells. Verbal and rough sex get me going fast. I have the ability to get hard and stay hard and after shooting my first load of cum im raging like a stallion 5 minutes later. I love to kiss and cuddle and those who love body contact, know how to kiss and love to cuddle and have all these attributes please step to the front of the line. For further Contact my Email is [email protected] Skype Ginger Jeff Google talk: Daddiespigboy29

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