Domingo Torres, 74M. Hi! Guys This is not an advertisement, just a change in my present career and wanting to share it with you. I am Tony aka DJ Sunday Towers. Welcome to DJ Sunday Towers Rainbow Cross, House of Love Mixes @ my You can open my webpage at and select to listen to posted releases and don't forget to click on the Follow button to receive updates on my new mix releases. You can also click on the "About Me" title next to my photo and another page will open where a list of DJ friends are listed and you can access their mixes also. My love goes to all my fans and DJ friends. I love you all and thanks for your constant support. Comments are appreciated. To get my free download click on the download button on bottom of page, you can download my mixes into your Ipod or record the. DJ Sunday Towers. Peace, love & friendship. The unique creativeness of DJ Sunday Towers' mixes is the cleverness in which his transitions are positions in his chosen tracks As they not only flow harmoniously into one another, but also creates a new sound between the outré and intro of the tracks. Give it a listen Tony

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