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  • Coming Out Centro Storico, Rome
  • Macho Sauna Center, Brussels
  • Sauna Spades4 Center, Brussels
  • Sauna 69 District VIII, Budapest
  • Rainbow House Center, Brussels


  • D.Kenny
    D.Kenny reviewed Sauna 69 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    great place
    No smoking area makes it all the better. Smokers need to realize the world does not revolve around their cancerous, addicted lungs. And who wants to make out with someone that smells like an ashtray anyway? Seriously, do you smokers even have a clue about how bad it makes you smell?

  • D.Kenny
    D.Kenny reviewed Rainbow House Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Yikes! Even on a Tuesday afternoon I don't think I can afford this place. And maybe not many other people can either. It was pretty empty.

  • D.Kenny
    D.Kenny reviewed Stammbar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    a second chance to mingle
    Discovered this place after visiting the sauna next door. No cover charge was nice and the drink prices were reasonable. Wifi would had been nice, though the labyrinths adjacent to the bar provided plenty of other ways to connect. Leven late on a Tuesday, there was a pretty good crowd even after the sauna died down, actually it might had been the same crowd..

  • D.Kenny
    D.Kenny reviewed Sauna Spades4 Over a year ago
    Hates it

    unsuspecting tourist, be carful what you pay
    The doorman overcharged me, grossly.. As an unsuspecting tourist I went along with it until I met some other patrons who told me what the real price was. Another staff member refunded the difference after I confronted them about it. Otherwise it was not a bad place. Relative to another Sauna which I visited a day earlier, this one was very clean on all levels. Like the other one, this place is a total maze and took some walking around to get used. There are many levels and many stairs and it's easy to get lost, which in this place is not a bad thing. The main levels were very comfortable with a nice bar, small Jaccuzi, large pool and ample hiding spaces. Other levels feature labyrinths, a gym and roof deck. The lower levels with slings and jail like cells are not to be missed. My visit was at 7pm on a Wednesday. It was not exactly busy, there were still enough people to make things interesting, (mostly older guys) though by 9pm almost everybody had left. I would go back again but next time would try to aim a little earlier in the afternoon. Just double check what the actual price is before paying.

  • D.Kenny
    D.Kenny reviewed Macho Sauna Over a year ago
    Hates it

    off night
    I visited on a Tuesday at 9pm and found about a dozen older men. I'm 40 and was the youngest there, actually I felt like a baby next to them. Anyway, the club's 1st level was very nice. I loved the pool, lighting effects and night sky effect. There is also a nice bar with reasonably priced drinks. They can also cook you up some food. Next, the hot tub was perfect for relaxing in and watching the rather unconventional assortment of porn playing on the TVs. There is also a smoking room for you lung cancer addicts. During my visit almost nobody went above the first floor, and for good reason as the levels above reeked of mildew and there was mold visible all over the ceilings (YUK!!). Maybe the mildew stench is replaced by other fragrances on busier nights?.. Anyway, continuing above the cruising levels I found a gym with some rusty weights and other barely-functional equipment which probably serves for better stage props than actual fitness equipment. Next to the gym was an outdoor deck which was great for taking in a breath of fresh air after walking through all the mustiness. I suppose I'd go again, but probably not late on a week night. The guy at the counter recommended anytime before 6pm since it is a working crowd, after all.

  • D.Kenny
    D.Kenny reviewed Coming Out Over a year ago
    Hates it

    beggars can't be choosers
    Coming Out is an easy stop for a quick lunch or drink when you visit the coliseum, Gay tourist card not required! Expect mediocre food