Patrick Denning, 27M. Well I never know what to put in these boxes. I am a fun 23 year old who loves to meet me new people, and experience life to the fullest. I am very energetic, and out going. I love to stay home some nights with a bottle of wine and just watch movies. And other nights I just wanna hit up the cities and enjoy life. I love to chill with friends, travel and experience different cultures, photography, cooking, dining out!!!

Springfield, Massachusetts
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  • Mega-Plex Bathhouse Providence
  • Cowboy23
    Cowboy23 reviewed Mega-Plex Bathhouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I have visited many bathhouses in the USA and around the world, and have never felt so dirty or unhappy in my life. I guess if you're into rude management and rude employees I guess its alright but it seems the place has never had an work done on it. There were holes in the room I rented like someone had kicked it or punched a hole. And the visitors were all old fat men. it seems like there is no campaigning of the bathhouse. And when I brought my concerns to the manager he was extremely rude and queenish acting. i would definitely not recommend it.