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  • Hayloft Saloon Warrendale, Detroit
  • Entourage Vegas Spa and Health Club Commercial Center, Las Vegas
  • Hawk's Gym & Spa Commercial Center, Las Vegas
  • Body Zone Highland Park, Detroit


  • CovertCruiser
    CovertCruiser reviewed Entourage Vegas Spa and Health Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A real Jewel in Vegas
    This guys is the best bathhouse in Vegas. I was mistakenly dropped off at Hawk's gym the other night when I was supposed to be going to Entourage. Once in Hawks I decided to stay and review the place. Entourage is absolutely the best bath in Vegas. They have it all. Pool, Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi, large video room, dark maze (a bit small), and plenty of rooms. The staff was extremely nice and the place was very clean. Hot boys, cute daddies and all the stuff in between. I will be hitting this bath every time I'm in Vegas. It may not be the Apollo but it is way better than Hawks and/or no bath at all.

  • CovertCruiser
    CovertCruiser reviewed Hawk's Gym & Spa Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Uhg! Not that great!
    I loved the website and the advertising but alas Hawk's does not live up to it's advertising. The staff was awesome and very friendly, however the clientele was dodgy at best. The place was very clean however there were no sheets and there was what appeared to be water damage along the floor with stains of mold. The dungeon room was way to big and sparsely populated with equipment. A good attempt but a major fail. I suggest that big room be turned into a large maze room with nooks and play corners. Put the dungeon in another spot or spread it across a few rooms. Decor: 6 Cleanliness:5 Clientele: 4 Staff: 9 Gym: 8 Steam/Sauna: 5 Location: 4 Store: 6 Locker Room: 4 Lighting: 4 Total 55 out of 100

  • CovertCruiser
    CovertCruiser reviewed Body Zone Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Classic Bathhouse - a bit sketchy
    Of the two baths in Detroit I must say I prefer BZ. The place is relaxed, not over decorated with kitchy junk. Just a dark cruisy club with a decent crowd. The clientele at a bit on the older side but there are a lot of young, hot, tight bodies. The amenities are ok. The staff was pleasant and left you alone to do you dirty deeds. Some moldy smells here and there but it's a dank bathhouse! Of the two baths I only got off at BZ. three times in one night. If I come back to Detroit I'll visit again.

  • CovertCruiser
    CovertCruiser reviewed TNT Gay Health Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Don't go here!! Waste of money!!
    This place looks like a 1980's roller rink with a pool. The queen at the door tried to charge me $58 when i only wanted a day pass and a regular room. And what's up with the $7 processing fee?? It cost me $37 for a room and day pass. The place has signs all over the place telling you only 10 minutes max in the whirlpool and you have to sign in at the desk and they tell you to go straight to the showers. The decor is like "the birdcage" done cheap. There are no dark niches to play in and the video rooms are like a theatre. Then there is the staff member who takes down your license plate number in the parking lot, the motivational posters in the foyer and don't even ask about the geriatric clientele. TNT is perfect example of why gay clubs, saunas and other nightlife is dying. I should just cruise the sex sites and hookup in my hotel or maybe find a private sex party. What a shame. The place has great potential.