Rem Milligan, 48M. We are members of 3 teams this year for CLGSA. Our mission is to share the sport of softball, friendship and good times. As magager and coach of the organization for the second year, we expanded from one team since the 1990s to have a second team in 2011. This year with increased interest, we added a second recreational team. This year our D team placed 1st in the division with a record of 10-0 and one of our rec teams finished tied for 3rd for the season. We practice together, support each other's games and fill in as scorekeepers and base coaches when possible. We have men and women on the team, both straight and gay/lesbian. Our mission as a team is to always have a fun time and a positive attitude. Winning is not nearly as important as sharing the sport of softball with as many people interested in playing as possible.

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