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  • Club Orlando Orlando
  • Hawk's Gym & Spa Commercial Center, Las Vegas
  • FLEX Spas (Flexbaths) Midtown, Atlanta


  • ChrisBaker1
    ChrisBaker1 reviewed Club Orlando Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice place
    I have been here twice. Once in August 2015 and again in Nov. 2015. Outdoor pool and hot tub. Sauna is nice, Steam room is a bit hot and usually empty. They haave a nice building outside with various rooms to sit and watch videos, and dark areas. Place seems clean. I would definitley go back.

  • ChrisBaker1
    ChrisBaker1 reviewed Hawk's Gym & Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice place
    I went to Hawks on Sat. Dec 5, 8pm-12pm. The place was busy. Guys in their 30s, 40s, 50s. (I am 48, average) Some hot guys, some older fat guys. wide mix of people. The place was nice enough. Sauna and shower area were fine, steam room had an odor --musty I guess, from being hot and humid--maybe too hot, it seemed empty most of the time. There is a large room with different areas--space could probably be utilized better with more places to sit. One area had a few places to sit and lie and watch videos. There is a darker room in that area. There are also 2 other smaller rooms--one is a similar video room with places to sit, another is dark but just has standing area. Smoking is permitted inside some businesses in Las Vegas, and this place had a smoking area inside. When more people show up, there is another area that opens up with some larger rooms and sitting area. Overall the place seemed to be clean, and maintained. Would I go back? Yes.