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  • Checket
    Checket reviewed Northern Men's Sauna Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I recently discovered this place and I have not been dissapointed. I would say there's about 25 to 30 rooms, about 15 of those are closed off to people who pay extra to rent the rooms (with private lockers inside) and you get a key to lock it when you exit the room to use other parts of the facilities. In all the times I've been there, the only time a staff member has been semi rude was when the asian guy was working. The other staff has always been nice, pleasent and helpful, the asian guy's tone comes across as annoyed and I have a hunch he''s either hard of hearing or doesn't understand English that well (possibly a combination of both). Now the guys that go there, it's a nice mix of latino, asian and/or black - most look to be around 30-45, sometimes you get a guy or two in their late 20's. I'm all about the thick daddy's and this place does not dissapoint for that. I've had a lot of hot times with latino, asian and black daddy's there, most seem to be vers, but there's always someone new walking in to satisfy your need. I've had a great time every time I've been there, I've fullfilled whatever craving I'm having that day and have fooled around with some very hot guys. Like a lot of people said before, don't go to this place thinking you're going to a 5 star hotel, its a sex club, guys go there to fuck, get fucked, suck, get sucked and everything else in between. A lot of the guys look to be on the DL because they want to bust their nut and run out, hiding under their caps and hoodies, which can be kinda hot. I always keep my sneakers on, some guys go fully naked with a towel around their waist, but I rather wear my sneakers, pair of shorts/underwear and carry my towel around, in case things get sweaty. :)