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  • Piranha Boutique Nightclub Paradise Fruit Loop, Las Vegas
  • The Dock Downtown, Cincinnati
  • Chargrr
    Chargrr reviewed Piranha Boutique Nightclub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Cover WAY too high!
    My boyfriend and I were here recently and pretty disapointed in this place. First of all, we had to pay $20.00 each to get in the place. I understand that it is less if you are a local. Does that make any sense? Isn't Las Vegas a tourist city? If so, why gouge tourists with such a ridiculous cover charge. There was a liquor bust, which was pretty cool and not something that we have in our area, so that helped to make the cover charge a little less upsetting. We missed the drag show so I can't comment on that. The music was good and the gogo boys, and Jello shot server were quite hot. I think that if they charged a decent cover, it would be a much better experience!

  • Chargrr
    Chargrr reviewed The Dock Over a year ago
    Hates it

    What happened?
    What a tragic mess! I live in Columbus and it used to be a treat to travel to Cincinnati to enjoy a night at this hot spot. Unfortunately, it is anything but any more. The drag shows are HORRIBLE! And I like drag. However, these girls are late! What happened to the likes of Ashley West and Jareje Rashad? They were truly talented performers. The strippers! OMG, someone please feed those poor emaciated urchins. The last time that I was there, they were all so skinny that you could see all their ribs! Absolutely no definition and definetely NOT hot. Don't waste your time or your money for the cover charge. Definetely not worth it!