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  • 1181 Davie Street Davie Village, Vancouver
  • Steamworks Vancouver Gastown, Vancouver


  • CHorse
    CHorse reviewed 1181 Davie Street Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Land of 1000 hairdressers...would be the clientele here if there were customers in the first place. Went last Friday with friends...twice. Dead early in the evening, assumed so, left, came back and not much better. On a Friday night people! Nice enough bartenders when they weren't kissing ass. Couple of past it drag queens showed up and ordered...water. Maybe 10 people in the place...On A Friday Night! Don't bother.

  • CHorse
    CHorse reviewed Steamworks Vancouver Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not good
    As noted on the CTV Vancouver news website, a body was removed from the establishment on Dec 3 2014. One death is too many in the community. It has been known for while in the community that this is the place to go to for drugs et al and sure enough after many overdoses the past two year, someone died today. Very sad and shows the desperation of the community in a 'no fun zone' otherwise known as Vancouver. Place is a dive.