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  • Celebrities Nightclub Davie Village, Vancouver
  • The Fountainhead Pub Davie Village, Vancouver
  • Numbers Cabaret Davie Village, Vancouver
  • 1181 Davie Street Davie Village, Vancouver
  • Junction Davie Village, Vancouver



  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed Score on Davie Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Came here for a quick bite to eat once!
    My friends and I came here to eat because they had a deal on pizzas on Tuesdays (not sure if they still offer this deal). If you're into sports this is the place for you! It's really nice for a bar! Make sure you sit on the left facing the right if you want a good view of the TVs to watch the game. Busy on nights when there are major sporting events. Men and women of all orientations and gender identities are usually welcome. Not my thing but great for the person who enjoys watching sports at a bar.

  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed Arq Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Had fun here on my birthday!
    Went here for my birthday on a Saturday night. I loved how spacious it was! There were 2 floors. The top floor is the main floor and more dancey but the bottom is more casual and hang out. From what I remember the crowd was on the younger side and a mix of men and women of all orientations. The music could've been better and cover was pretty expensive. But I had a blast!

  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed Five Sixty Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice place
    Understand. 560 was basically a straight club that has kind of been taken over by the gays on Saturdays, so even on a Saturday there will still be quite a few straight men and women there. Diverse crowd. 3 floors with the bottom two playing different types of music. Cover is expensive though. And the night we went we enjoyed the music in the basement more but there wasn't really a dance floor which sucked. It was a special DJ from NYC or something that night played House/Trance which I'm not really into but I think the place is pretty cool. Diverse crowd but probably the youngest I've seen so far at a club. I don't remember seeing anyone 40 or over at this place.

  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed Junction Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Casual hang out
    Another casual place to have drinks with friends. Mixed crowd on the night we went. It was a Saturday so it wasn't very busy but I hear on Mondays the Junction is the place to be.

  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed 1181 Davie Street Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Love 1181!
    No complaints really. Small and classy so maybe one shouldn't dress too casual. A great place to come for a drink before heading out to one of the clubs or you could be bold and dance!

  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed Numbers Cabaret Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great for the older guys!
    I actually went there last night for the first time! It was pretty fun! Played music I like (Top 40). There was like a pool area if that's not your thing. The crowd was mostly men but there were a few lesbians there. A few straight couples but they were not annoying or bothersome like at Celebs. There are mostly older guys here but there are some young guys here too! Kind of sleazy if you're into that. But all in all a good time!

  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed Celebrities Nightclub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    It's okay...
    Celebs is probably the most popular gay night club in Vancouver. Everyone knows it. I actually like the music and while the staff is pretty gay the crowd usually isn't. Tuesdays and Fridays are basically straight night. Saturdays used to be gay but not really. Thursdays has had the gayest crowd so far but even still there will always be a handful of straights at Celebs. It's the only club that I know of where straight girls go by themselves instead of with their gay friends and because of that straight boys follow. So yeah it's become more of a gay friendly night club then gay per se. Haven't been on Wednesdays but I figure it's probably the gayest night because they have like gay bingo and drag night. They're adding a new night: Latin Night on Mondays. Hopefully this will be more gay but I seriously doubt it.

  • BrownBoi89
    BrownBoi89 reviewed The Fountainhead Pub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    A casual bar
    I've only been there once. It's more of a casual hang out place where you go with friends to talk over a pitcher of beer. Not my thing but you might like it. When I went it was on a Friday night. The crowd was mixed: men and women of all sexual orientations.