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  • Twisted Element Downtown, Calgary


  • BrockB
    BrockB reviewed Twisted Element Over a year ago
    Hates it

    stay away
    I us to go to twisted all the time.... one night i had one of the bar tenders drug my drink. i am one of them people u always see taking his drink with him everywhere! i don't even take drinks from someone els. i walk up to the bar with them and get my drink. but anyways so i put a comment on gay Canada about it. started off with all the nice things twisted had to offer, but ended it up with a note about watching your drinks!!! the owners DEMANDED i take down the comment!!!!!!! and banned me from the bar for life..... not even ask me what bar tender or any care about there customer!!!! just your banned never come back. so take it as u please. but if u want a place where u can meet some under aged boys who are all drugged up!!! twisted is the place for you!