Brian McGavin, 57M. I have recently created the possibility for my self and my life of being open and vulnerable. What has shown up since creating being open and vulnerable is two amazing talented men Michael & Warren have shared of themselves generously. I am really lucky to know both of them and to share my self with both of them without lies, deceit for untruths amongst the three of us. Being gay is no big is the hiding of it that causes me more pain and suffering than it needed to in my past. So what I have now is gentle sex and rough sex and as a versy having the best of all possible worlds.

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    Brianxxy reviewed Matrix Hotel Over a year ago
    Loves it

    You too will Love Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, AB
    Generous, helpful and professional staff. Beautifully decorated rooms with all the little touches that one desires in a business hotel. Warm, inviting interior decoration with a fine business desk, flat screen TV, and lovely carpeting and art work. I will recommend this hotel to everyone I know.