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  • Sidekick's Saloon Midtown - Westport, Kansas City


  • BradMills
    BradMills reviewed Sidekick's Saloon Over a year ago
    Hates it

    If you're looking for a full serving of bitchiness
    Went with a group of friends. The bar, physically, wasn't bad. It's just the nasty attitude of the staff and some of the regulars that put me off. They're rude. Unfriendly. Gossipy. Just not the sort of place that is welcoming to anybody who hasn't been a customer for ten or more years. Considering the limited space and hostile and/or groping clientele (yes, my friends and I were felt up by the regulars, as if we were just meat for their pleasure and met with hostility when we turned down their advances...and the staff called us rude and stuck up!) you would at least think they would have reasonably priced drinks...NOT. Never going back.