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  • Berghain Friedrichshain , Berlin
  • Juniper Kitchen and Bar (at Axel Hotel Berlin) Sch├Âneberg, Berlin
  • where flavour, friends and flair rub shoulders!
    although in some respects its ultra modern 'international style,' marginally high pricing and off the beaten track location may allow one pause to hesitate in a city known for its unusual affordability and laissez-faire interpretation of urbanity , the long-awaited and highly anticipated blossoming of the shared vision of the founders of "juniper" has been executed with a combination of taste, style and exuberant but classy fun. berliners and visitors alike have both reviled and proudly embraced the moniker of "poor but sexy". in this light, juniper offers exceptionally tasty and thoughtfully prepared offerings, influenced by the fusion trends of the past decade, at prices that would not allow many patrons to visit other than for celebratory occasions. if the matter of cost were to be adjusted to those in keeping with the berliner portmonaie, i am convinced that the juniper bush will continue thrive and bare exceptional fruit! Well done Adam, Davey and Paul. Drei mal hoch!