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  • Mega-Plex Bathhouse Providence
  • Blucollarguy
    Blucollarguy reviewed Mega-Plex Bathhouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I don't recommend this place
    I've been to many similar places all over the country and the world...I found Megaplex to be dirty, expensive, uncomfortable and poorly managed. If you're into sleazy dirty, run-down places where there is no reinvestment in the club or maintenance then go. They flip flopped on the rates at the door even though their prices are posted on Facebook and tried to charge me $10.00 more. There is no website for good reason...they don't want you to see what the place looks like. My room had a dirty floor when I walked in. All they seem to do is throw on new sheets when rooms are vacated. It was not worth $35.00 which is what I paid to get into this awful place.