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  • Der Boiler Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • BlondeBomber
    BlondeBomber reviewed Der Boiler Over a year ago
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    Clean and tidy
    I have visited "the Boiler" quite a few times and it has always been a nice experience. What is best with this sauna is that if you want some action, you get it! A spacious dressing room. A nice bar with drinks and ok food. Showers, saunas, a big jacuzzi. And not to forget, the labyrint steam sauna. And that is where most of the action takes place. A lot of guys of different ages are walking around in there seeking a friend for some mutual masturbation, a blowjob - or even "the real thing"... In the dark corners of the labyrint you can often watch other guys having sex. It is rather dark and "steamy" so you have to use your imagination to find out exactly what is going on.. But that is ok, since some boys, especially the youngest ones, are a little bit shy (too bad..). Boiler is the right place for gay guys of all ages. And if you are the kind of person who likes to watch other people have sex, or if you like to have sex while other people are watching, then Boiler is the right place. But it is stil not a "dirty" place, everything goes on in a clean and tasteful way. Don't miss the Boiler if you are in Berlin!