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  • Phoenix Rising OKC NW 39th Entertainment District, Oklahoma City


  • Bettygirl
    Bettygirl reviewed Phoenix Rising OKC Over a year ago
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    Worst Place Ever
    Went into this place hoping to have fun and dance.When i walked in we were stared at like we were not wanted there. My friend had to use the restroom so as we were waiting for her to come out the bartender starts to harass us saying we cant be drunk in a bar. We asked what are you talking about and he starts saying we told him we were high I said what are you talking about? So then he says I am calling the cops we told him to go ahead and call then he starts saying we were not welcome there and pulls out a bat from the bar and threatens us with it. My friends were black and he kept staring at them as well like a KKK member or something. He just kept hitting the bar with the bat like we were supposed to be scared. We left the bar after my friend came out of the bathroom. I can see why this place is dead on a Friday night I will never go back to this racist place. We went on to other bars on the strip and had a blast. I have never been treated so badly in my life. Stay away at all cost.