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  • The Saloon Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis
  • Gay 90s Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis


  • Belcanto
    Belcanto reviewed The Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    No Place Better!!
    I have to say this place saved a potentially terrible night in my life after an upsetting encounter at the Gay 90's to say the least. The place is just fresh. I found the staff to be very nice and fun. The drinks are good, There's a little bit of something for everyone whether you want to sit and relax with some drinks back by the Tiki bar, get some fresh air out on the patio, or get lost in the music on the bumpin dance floor. You can bring your friends or ride solo and mingle! This is the must see place if you're gay, and live in Minneapolis.

  • Belcanto
    Belcanto reviewed Gay 90s Over a year ago
    Hates it

    This is My Bad Experience, But its Decline in Popularity Speaks for Itself
    When I first moved to Minneapolis one year ago, I had heard so many things about the 90's but it was all hit or miss. I wanted to go because I was told it was a "must see venue" if you're gay and in Minneapolis. However, in one year there began to be more misses than hits. If you read all the reviews, you'll find many common denominators and unsatisfactory of all of the 90's old and new customers: The staff is extremely rude to not only its gay patrons but all Paying customers, the security guards legitimacy is highly questionable, and the 90's is now as gay as a titty bar. All major marketing is geared towards 18 yr olds with their parents cash in their pockets. The only good in this club are the Queens who are some of the best I've ever seen but I wish they had a better venue. My last experience was on my birthday this last week. My best friends and I had planned to go to their foam party like we did when I first moved to Minneapolis. We were there for maybe half an hour when we were asked to leave because a group of teenage straight guys had a fit because we were dancing with their girlfriends and said we were "pushing" people around. When I pleaded my case to the security guard and expressed that I was wrongfully accused he only laughed and said, "why such a sad face?" It was a humiliating experience, we were very upset, but we went down to the Saloon and finished the night with a wonderful time. So thank you Saloon for your wonderful staff, great drinks, and fun "gay" people to mingle with. Needless to say, That will be my last visit to the Gay 90's. And it only took 1 year to realize it's a crap hole.