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    BOSCABAMA reviewed The Shed Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Dream Come True
    How to start, the Shed is amazing. From the owner and manager Cindy to the excellent versed wine list (test any wait staff, they can give you descriptions of every wine on the menu). I can't stop coming back as every dish is perfect and fresh. If you like food, good wine, a comfortable atmosphere, The Shed is a must!!

    BOSCABAMA reviewed Einstein's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Use to be a wonderful place
    Unfortunately, Einsteins isn't the place it was a few years ago. Remember the days when the managers would walk around and greet the guest, recongize you as a frequent customer and you were confident of a good meal, those days are over. Today you will be often the only customer sitting in the place. The food is ok, but the problem is the management, they simply don't seem to care. Where is Frank, he made Einsteins a pillar of the community and today it is artifact. Einstiens would be smart to bring Frank back, rebuild the clientele and breath life back into the organization.

    BOSCABAMA reviewed Harley's Italian Bistro Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Golden Girls meets Mel's Diner
    Service is wonderful (staff was very nice), but the food and atmosphere is a kick-back to the days of Golden Girls meets Mel's diner. I began my order with a glass of cabernet. It was served in a white wine glass, thus to embrace its aroma was not a possibility. I order a small salad and veal marsala. The salad with brown edges was served with a mix of stale croutons, that were soft and damp. The veal, frozen in the center, warm on the edges was smothered in mushrooms with a base sauce tasting of apple jelly. After a meal that tasted like a tv dinner, I foolishly convinced myself to order a desert. Again I was dispointed in the lack of quaity, I received a chocolate pie straight from the freezer box (Ms. Smith's, I am confident). As I looked around, I kept waiting for Alice and Sophia to walk in charmed with the smell of grease and stories of Italy... picture it, 1980, white floor tiles, plastic grapes hanging from empty wine bottles and red table clothes, cover with a slate of glass with streaks of glass cleaner between patrons.