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  • Manhandler Saloon Lakeview, Chicago
  • FLEX Spas Cleveland Downtown, Cleveland


  • BOATER1164
    BOATER1164 reviewed FLEX Spas Cleveland Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Had a good time on a Sat night
    I was nervous my 1st time and didn't know the set-up, but got familiar after awhile. I'm new at discovering my Bi-ness and learning a new world. After joining & signing in and putting clothes in locker (they give you a towel to wrap up with), you can go upstairs to "cruise" the halls, or head to the pools/spa area. The dark halls take your eyes some getting used to. Some guys just walk around looking for hookups and some stay in rooms with doors open to party. I did see a few older men but plenty of younger or middle-age too. Mostly white but a few black too. There was a larger common area where a continuous feed of guy sex on a big screen that some congugated around. I didn't try out the pools or sauna areas but will next time. Another area had leather couches and a regular movie screen. Sometimes there were just a couple guys having fun, othertimes there was a large group oral orgy! You can decide what you want to do, if anything. I had some fun with a muscular hunk.. ;-) It was very clean thoughout, buckets of free condoms were available, and there were no pressures. I did wear socks though, so next time I'll take sandals or pool shoes. And next time I'll try my own little room (only $5 more) and the pools area.

  • BOATER1164
    BOATER1164 reviewed Manhandler Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Visited twice over summer weekend
    First time was quiet Sunday afternoon. Bartender had some oldie musical on TV. Boring. Went out back, nothing going on & nobody there so I left after 1 beer. Came back Mon afternooon, back patio door close but went out, found some guys on the back section, and had soem fun. Got to finish a well-hung anon guy off some other older guy started on but didn't finish. Also went on his buddy too at the same time (2-for-1!), but only finished off the 1st guy. Yum! Not much conversation, finished by beer, and left. Fun times for a quick afternoon blow-n-go. Barteneder had some guy porn on the TV too. Could have used some music though.