Bright Quansah, 26M. I am a sweet caring lovable person who is really nothing at this point in my life, whether it be for a serious relationship or just dating, but I know the ultimate goal is to find a mate, though .. I want to enjoy this phase of the I search my life, and if a prospective mate is to appear before me, would not let go .. Passions soul-mate/partner meet my future .. I think I am a very good person, very big heart and modern features .. I am pretty back, down to earth, a very positive person, enjoy the simple things in life .. They say that I am kind, caring, generous, thoughtful, opinionated, handsome, intelligent and a lot of lovable qualities .. I try to life itself does not stress me, and continues to be a happy go lucky person .. Love kiss and hug .. I think the biggest flaw is that it is too good and loyal people in my life, but it's just the right thing all you have to do, but generally good always outweighs the bad ..

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