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  • C.C. Attle's Capitol Hill, Seattle


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    Atreyu34 reviewed C.C. Attle's Over a year ago
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    So disappointed with the people working at the door. I'll explain. I've been to this establishment probably 30+ times in the last year. I've never had a problem here. I go, have a few drinks and leave. Last week I was there and I admit, I had too much to drink celebrating my friend's party. This hasn't happened before. The bartender let me know I drank too much and he gave me a water bottle. Super nice. I drank it, paid and left. I go back this week with not a drink on me and the door guy has the nerve to go up to one of my friends and tell him to not let me drink more than one drink. I was embarrassed and flabbergasted at the profiling. Like I said, I had been here 30+ times and only once I got tipsy, didn't even cause any problems and all of a sudden I was "blacklisted". They went up to a friend and defamed me. I would totally understand if it was habitual. But this kind of embarrassment and profiling for one day? Going up to your friends when you go for your first drink of the night? I can't even begin to comprehend the need for them to go up to a person of your group and treat you like a pariah. You don't do that. The bartenders are sweethearts though.