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  • Sauna G.I. Joe The Village/Le Village, Montreal


  • Ariesblackwood
    Ariesblackwood reviewed Sauna G.I. Joe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    It's one of the things I look forward to
    Every year when the heat becomes to much in NYC I hop on a plane and jack my ass to Montreal. Without fail I go to G.I. Joe and have a great time. This clean, multileveled space with decent sized cabins has lots of play spaces to choose from my favorite is the basement (slightly) dark room. The roof deck is awesome!! I got one of the best fuckings of my life up there. I tried the Oasis Sauna because everyone goes there and for the life of me don't understand it's appeal. So if you are looking for a Sauna that has something for everyone then it's G.I. Joe. Damn I wish I was there now. Sigh.