33M. I come from a strict Pentecostal background I have a very large, loving and closely knit family. I was raised to have an opinion. I kind of have that new kid on the block mentality; like they say a day at a time. I am a really exciteable dude. I love to interact with others I volunteer often, so I am not into slouches, neither drama, never negativity. I'm less of a talker and more of a mobilizer/enthusiast. I'm huge on guys that have a Spiritual life Can clearly expresses his heart/mind, Makes an honest living inspire the past/environment/odds, Can moderate and engage in conversation Takes his name seriously. You can be a dreamer but keep your his head out of the sand and a "few feet lower than the clouds" (show some balance).

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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  • Open Stage Capitol District, Harrisburg
  • Cafe Fresco Paxton, Harrisburg
  • Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts Capitol District, Harrisburg
  • Chalit's Thai Bistro Mechanicsburg