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  • The Tampa Men's Club Drew Park, Tampa


  • AnthonyDd
    AnthonyDd reviewed The Tampa Men's Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice and Clean, great crowd on the weekends
    Granted this is a brand new place and it takes time for clientele to build, week days can be touch and go. I have been going on Friday and Saturday nights now for the past year, and crowds around midnight can vary to around 30 to 50 people. If you want a quiet relaxing time to enjoy the Jacuzzi, or the Nude Sun Deck, weekday afternoons should do. I had a great time last weekend with me hooking up with 4 or 5 boys under 25, and I really cant get that type of action anywhere else. My only complaint about the place is why so many people hate this place. Its clearly the nicest spot Tampa has now, and they only thing that I can think of is competition is getting there bottom line reduced. So with that said, read the reviews with a grain of salt, and give a weekend night after 11PM a try before drawing any conclusions.