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  • Diva's Nightclub & Bar Polk Street, San Francisco
  • Alyssa
    Alyssa reviewed Diva's Nightclub & Bar Over a year ago
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    A nice place
    for a TG to go and hang with your girls. 3 floors of excitment a theme every night the drinks are moderatly priced dancing a pool table a comfy floor and 2 other bar sceen type floors. the only thing keeping this from being a five star place is the guys are soo.. shy so when its dancing time you end up dancing with your gals. Most nice guys will buy a gal a drink though so I guess the guys will lossen you up to watch you dance. I like the fact that there are a lot of mirros on the dance floor. another bad part is there are no locks on the bathroom doors I dunno why that is and its is located in a scary negiboorhood so just get a good park place if you are by yourself keep your eyes open and head for the door with confidence avoid showing your are scared and you'll be ok. All in all a very fun place with lots to do kinda a Pg13 Power exchange i liked it.