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    On Saturday June 24, 2017 I came to the Den. The Den is not often a place I frequent. But back in the day (2010-2015) that was my spot. I paid $15 to get in. The first thing I did was take a shower as soon as I made it to the locker room. They provide small towels that can barely fit your waist. Once I got out of the shower I went back to the front desk to ask for another towel. The guy that I was dealing with at the front desk is physically described as being anywhere from 5'6 to 5'7, dark-skinned, stocky build, age range anywhere from 38 to 50 years old and short black hair. I asked for another towel since the one I had was wet since I just finished drying off from my shower. He told me that it was a dollar. Now, as traffic was picking up at the Den, I had suggested that I get another towel and I pay on my way out. I felt that was a more logical idea, instead of going back and forth to and from the locker room, getting in the way of other people that were coming in and getting undressed. The guy told me no. He told me that either pay now or leave. Then, abruptly, he told me to get out. I could not believe it. At one point in the middle of our dispute, I started to agree to just go back to my locker to get the dollar to pay for the extra towel, just to keep the peace. But, he still demanded that I leave. He actually send one of the guards, the guys in the yellow vests, to escort me to my locker to make sure that I got dressed and left. That was so humiliating. Once I got dressed, I came right to that same front desk staff and asked him for my refund of $15, especially since I had been inside this establishment for less than an hour and did not get the services that I had paid for. This guy told me no. He refused to refund me the $15 I paid for non-services. As the guards in the yellow vests were escorting me out of the building, he announced that I have been banned. Okay, so I have been publicly humiliated for absolutely no legitimate reason. Roughly three months later on September 15, 2017 I recieved an email on "Jack'd" from a promoter for The Den. So, I asked the guy "why are you advertising The Den to me because I was recently banned from there over a towel." So, the promoter responded by telling me that the only reasons he has heard people getting banned from The Den was if and when they were fighting. Now, I will tell you this. 1. I have NEVER EVER overstepped my boundaries with anyone at the Den. 2. I have NEVER EVER invaded anybody's personal space at The Den. 3. I have NEVER EVER caused, been in the middle of, or even witnessed any fights at The Den. Now with that being said, the promoter suggested that I call Rob, who happened to be the owner, and explain everything that happened on the night of Saturday June 24, 2017. During the phone call Rob, the owner, at first took the defense of the staff, in regards to him just doing his job since he deals with lots of clientele. Rob also mentioned that this guy may have been in a bad mood that night. Now, I did provide my full name, as Rob asked. Then, Rob tells me that under my name, there is nothing that says I have been banned from the club. Before this phone call ended, Rob suggested that the next time I visit the Den, I speak to this guy and try to work things out so that everything can go smooth between us. On Friday night, September 22, 2017 I went to the Den. As soon as I walked in, that same guy that I had an issue with (described as anywhere between 5'6 to 5'6, darkskinned and stocky-build, short black hair and age range anywhere from 38 to 50 years old) was at the front desk. I gave him my ID. Once he checked it, he told me that I have been suspended from this establishment for 3 months. Now, that was NOT what Rob told me over the phone. There were 2 other guys also at the front office. I asked to speak directly to Rob. I asked, "which one of you guys is Rob?" Nobody answered me. I told them that I am not leaving until I see and speak with Rob. This same guy that I have been complaining about walked right out of the office and walked towards me, came behind me, grabbed me from under my arms with full force, wrestled with me, lifted me up slightly. As I wiggled myself in his arms, I yelled for one of the guards in the yellow vests to hand me my wallet that was still sitting on the counter. Then this same guy I'm complaining about literally tossed me outside the building. So, I kept asking him what his name was. Then I asked him if he was really Rob. He claimed to be Rob. Then I asked him for his last name. He refused to give it to me. He was very hostile towards me. So, as he walked back into the building I called the police on him for putting his hands on me. That is NOT how you conduct business. Then, one of the guards in the yellow vests came back outside and asked me to leave the premises. I refused to. I told them that I will not leave until the police arrives. Once the police arrived, I explained everything that happened, going back to June 24th. This guy represented himself as Rob, the owner. Still, to this day I'm not sure exactly what his real name is. The police actually believed that this guy was actually Rob, the owner, despite the fact that he did not show his ID. A police report was made but no immediate action was taken. Later, the next day I emailed the promoter from "Jack'd", telling him about the recent incident at The Den. The promoter told me that Rob, the owner does not fit the description of the staff member that I have been having an issue with and that I had been lied to. Later, on September 29, 2017, there was a black and blue T-shirt I recently purchased that I had planned to wear again this day, which I had wore that same night of the incident at the Den the week prior. When I put the shirt on, I noticed the bottom of my sleeve was torn, due to this "Rob" guy grabbing and wrestling with me. There are details about this complaint on the Better Business Bureau Website (effective 9/27/17)