Alex Fernandez, 35M. Does finding the right man really have to be so difficult? I don't think so, as long as guys would give each other a chance to get to know each other. None of us is perfect, and its not always about the looks - that will eventually fade, then whats left. Hopefully a man with a deep and touching heart and a stimulating brain, with a good sense of humor,who you want to spend the rest of your life with. So,lets meet for a drink over billiards ( I'm pretty good) or have dinner in a romantic setting with a good wine or martini and go from there. I am looking for a man to date hopefully leading to a life-long monogamous relationship. I was in a monogamous relationship for 6yrs, which ended 2 yrs ago. I am a very clean cut looking - 33w, light brown with some gray and thinning, blue eyes, mustache, lightly haired body. Nice eyes, and legs. I am HIV neg, STD free. I am open, honest, affectionate, warm and down to earth. Overall nice guy type. I have a warm smile, sincere heart and people tend to become comfortable with me quickly and open up easily. If you are talking to me you know I am paying attention to what you are saying. Serious but with a good sense of humor- can poke fun at others as well as myself, and take it well. I own my home and share it with my dog and cat. I am mentally and emotionally available for a relationship, and dislike drama (its too draining and usually a waste of time). I am looking for someone with similiar desires, who is drug and disease free, mentally/emotionally ready, and not looking for another to support them or any addictions. I am looking for someone to share life with whether it be dining out, staying home, vacationing, or just spending quality time together. I am open to the possibility of traveling and, if the chemistry is right, relocating. I prefer the East coast and warmer climate, but that's not set in stone. Just keep me near water. If I were to meet someone and all the right things were there, it may not matter where he lives. My career gives me great flexibility. Please be single and gay, available, out of the closet- this means no married or bisexual guys. Hopefully you'll love dogs as much as I do. I am a very good kisser looking for another good kisser. Like men with a kind heart, with lots of affectionate touching and passionate kissing. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. P.S. Occasionally someone tells me my profile is too long...well, I am deeper than this profile if you really get to know me.

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