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  • Africanman_2000
    Africanman_2000 reviewed The Den Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Den is fun and safe place!
    Den is still a decent place for Black Men, and Men of color to hang out. The staff is very friendly and courteous. I prefer Saturday and Sundays. (All butt naked) Lots of sexy in shape tight fine body Brothers are there. (Lots of action) Mostly young crowd, but also older guys are there at times. Occasionally, there are a few out shape overweight body Brothers that come through. The bottom line, the Den is still a hot place to hang on the radar!!!!!

  • Africanman_2000
    Africanman_2000 reviewed Zone Amsterdam Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best sex club in the ATL
    Zone Amsterdam sex club is the best sex club in the ATL. It is predominately in shape bodies, hot young fine Black freaky Brothers. Many thug type are also in the house. Others races are welcome. At times there are a few Latinos, Asians, even a couple of Whites come through. At times older Men, and out of shape, overweight young Brothers come through. The dress code is completely (BUTT Naked) Hot action, all the time!!!!! Got a chance to go back to Zone Amsterdam during the MLK holiday weekend. Place was jammed pack. The count was around 155 wall to wall sexy sweaty freaky (All butt naked) Black Brothers! I called that Friday night, "Slave Ship Night". Freaky, Sweaty, sexual moons, tight sexy beautiful lots of young in-shape black bodies/ lots of tattoos, thug types, with big black dicks, fine typical bubble/high pretty black asses. Most of all no wall flowers! Constant touching, masturbation, fucking & sucking hot action all night long! "Best (all butt naked) sex club" in the ATL!!!!!