Adam Gray, 53M. LOOKING FOR A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP FIRST AND FOREMOST I am looking for everything. Meaning... Casual sex with single guys, dates, or LTR (Long Term Relationship). But more than anything in the world, I want an LTR will a great guy. Hit me up for a date. I have been OUT for 3 years and don't understand the gay scene very much. It is so false and they only care about their bodies and sex. I really DO love hot bodies, taking care of mine, and sex, but not ONLY that. My personality does revolve around clubs, bars, and the gym. Guys, even young ones, want sex with me, and often, and they come back for more because they love it... BUT, they don't stay in bed and talk and cuddle. How can they learn to know more than my cock if they don't dare to talk a little. I think it is their fear and low self-confidence. I tend to not see someone again if the sex was good but no super connection is there. I have lots of friends, but I'm looking for a boyfriend and just pure sex until I find him. Presently I am not having sex with married guys, not because it's wrong or anything like that. But because there is no chance for relationship if he is not single.Looking a relationship, date, or sex. If you find me interesting, go to my diary/dagbok and start on page four. Follow my journey from coming out 2012 until now. Aries/VÃ

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