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  • The Underground Club (basement of Central Station) Central, London
  • Sweatbox Soho, London


  • Feet club could be longer
    I would success, the feet club would be the whole Saturday afternoon and evening. Now on fridays from 7 pm to 12 pm, four times to be foot slave, is a quite short time. The S.O.P. is much better on Sundays than Tuesdays; on Sunday it is enough time to have piss sex with many partners.

  • Aaroni11
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    Loves it

    Clean and lovely, but the intelligence
    PLEASe tell next time to the UseR bEforehanD, that with the 24 houRs pass you may be 8 hours per time and then gO away, and to coME back after two hours! Nowhere is seen the rule, only the staff guy starts to give feedback to the customer, when he is leaving. Why is then there a sleeping room, where can not have sex? If a customer has sex for two hours, he has 5 hours time to sleap and then must go for two hours to the street.