52M. Discovering the Club Kid years I missed. My partner and I love travelling to parties and new places, or revisiting cities where we have old friends. Hot Dance Clubs and Leather/Levi hot cruise spots - yeah, they both appeal to us!

Nashville, Tennessee
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  • Lipstick Lounge East Nashville, Nashville
  • Tribe The District, Nashville
  • Baker Beach Richmond, San Francisco
  • 4x4josh
    4x4josh reviewed Tribe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Hot video bar. A place you'll love...
    The coolest thing about Tribe? It's a little bit edgy on a busy night, lots of energy with people hanging out and enjoying the great video mixes, and some dancing as well [though there's no "official" dance floor :( ]. But with all that, it's a place you'd be comfortable taking Mom for a drink when she's visiting town (well, if your Mom's cool). If you've never been, Wednesday night is a great time to check it out. It's an after-work destination on Wednesdays! Friday and Saturday nights are great as well.

  • 4x4josh
    4x4josh reviewed Lipstick Lounge Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great neighborhood bar - friends, drinks, and food
    We love Lipstick Lounge. Of course we're possibly a bit biased...they're our neighbors! But really - the think that we love about Lipstick Lounge is that everyone is welcome there. It's a very friendly place to go even on weeknights. Grab a great sandwich (the kitchen's not your typical "bar" kitchen - way better than that!), have a few drinks, and hang out with new friends. Live performances some nights, Karoke other nights. A great place to enjoy being yourself!