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  • Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre Drew Park, Tampa
  • 123manhandleme
    123manhandleme reviewed Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre 8 months ago
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    Health Hazzard
    I recently started going to the Rainbow Cabaret because the Your Resort and Spa closed down. I started going there 10 yrs ago when the first opened up and it was a busy place with a nice staff. But sadly none of the money the place was making got reinvested so the place went down hill quickly but just how far down I had no idea. When I went back a couple months ago I was amazed just how bad it had gotten and dangerous, but I'll get to that in a minute. The once friendly staff has been replaced with a staff of very unhappy, rude lazy people that would not know good customers service if they were slapped in the face with it. And speak to customers in a very down grading almost abusive way. But as for the place it's self, well in all honesty it should be shut down as a health Hazzard. Anybody with half a brain would realize that while running a business that promotes anal sex and the releasing of body fluids that extra sanitation measures would need to be taken. But not this place. This place has recently removed all soap dispensers from the promises because people were using too much. I can think of no place than a bathhouse that would need soap more. And the staff there is lazy and takes absolutely no pride nor concern that the amount of filth that has accumulated over the last ten years is now actually a health Hazzard. Bad enough that I myself had gotten a staph infection twice from going there. So patron beware..this is absolutely a place that should have a sign posted Enter at your own risk.